Greece 2017: Day 10 (Lindos)

Originally, we had planned to go to Lindos by bus, but after thinking about it a few days prior, we opted to cruise to Lindos instead. It wasn’t going to take much longer than the bus and this way would at least be relaxing.










Another perk is that the boat stopped at a couple spots on the way so that people could jump in and swim. Felix and Anya took turns swimming with Eric.

IMG_20170610_095747742.jpg IMG_20170610_100210749.jpg







When we got to Lindos, we decided to make the trip up to the Acropolis there. (An acropolis is actually a citadel built on a hill, so there is more than one!) Eric had planned for us to ride donkeys to the top. Even though Felix had said up until then that he was NOT riding a donkey, somehow we got him on the donkey. We all got to ride our own donkeys because we were accompanied by people who led the donkeys up the hill.



















IMG_20170610_115350624_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg IMG_20170610_115338955







The ruins and views from the top were absolutely amazing!

IMG_20170610_121925765.jpg IMG_20170610_121633615.jpg IMG_20170610_124704761.jpg IMG_20170610_122918540 IMG_20170610_124309639

























Once we thought we had enough pictures, we walked back down the hill and headed toward the beach. We grabbed some food to take away and rented a chair, and the kids got to play in the sand (it was a sandy beach this time!) and the water.





We made it back to the boat and took the long boat ride back, though the kids were grouchy!



IMG_20170610_092142812.jpg IMG_20170610_104905602.jpg















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