Greece 2017: Day 14 (Aegina)

We decided to do a day trip to a nearby island on our second to last day in Greece. A lot of people visit Hydra, but we decided Aegina was a better option with the kids and for what we wanted to do. This meant getting to Piraeus (the port in Athens) early to catch a ferry because it took a bit of time to get there. The kids were grouchy on the way there but their moods got a little better as the day went on.

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Once we arrived at Aegina, we had to figure out how to get around. Unfortunately, they did not have the best transportation system. The port at which we arrived was on the side of the island that had very little to do, so we ended up having to take a bus. The bus stops at primarily three different sites on the island, including a monastery, the Temple of Aphaia, and the beach town on the opposite side of the island. We would have loved to do all three and should have had time to do them, but the bus schedule did not allow for it and taxis were really hard to find.

We decided to stop at the Temple of Aphaia first. It was really cool to see and it was in a very scenic location on the island. It’s amazing how much of these temples are still preserved.

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Afterwards, I found a route that we could walk that would take us to the little beach town, so we walked for a bit and found a place to have lunch. The plan next was to find a bus or a taxi to take us to the monastery but we found out that the bus didn’t leave for quite awhile and the taxis didn’t come out that way, so we’d have to call one and wait quite awhile for it to arrive. It would have taken so much time that it wouldn’t be much longer just waiting for the bus, and we’d be saving ourselves quite a bit of money. We took this as a sign that we needed ice cream while we waited!


The bus took us back to the port area where we walked around to a few shops and then dipped our feet in the water at the small beach nearby. There was also a very small church right in the port.



Aegina is beautiful but we wished we could have done more there. The transportation issues just made it difficult. We ended up going back to Athens via a high-speed ferry. It was more expensive but the time was right and we wanted to see what it was like.

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