Greece 2017: Day 5

The day we left Athens for Nafplio, we hired the same private driver that took us to Delphi to transfer us to Nafplio. However, he had an idea that would allow us to make some stops along the way, so we were able to make the transfer a great day of sightseeing as well.

1. Corinth




Our first big stop was a little over an hour away from Athens. Corinth is referenced in Paul’s letters (the Corinthians) and today it has a huge canal where you can actually bungee jump, which we did not do while there. While the canal is kind of touristy, it is certainly a site to see!





We also visited the archaeological site there and saw the sites where Paul visited, along with a lot of headless statues.

IMG_20170605_112339641-1 IMG_20170605_112507565 IMG_20170605_103932627_HDR-12. Mycanae

This was one of the coolest places we visited. Supposedly, the civilization that was once here dates back to before Christ. Supposedly, the story of Troy may have been based on this group of people, as some of the descriptions of the people and the location match up considerably. It was a hot day, but we hiked up the hill and viewed what was left, including the Lion Gate at the entrance.

IMG_20170605_125442278_HDR IMG_20170605_130136583 IMG_20170605_170715967_HDR












We also got to see the Tomb of Agamemnon. It is empty now, though they believe people have used it as shelter when passing through the area.



3. Epidavros

Our third and final stop before Nafplio was to Epidavros. Epidavros is known for its incredibly intact theater that was buried under dirt. Archaeologists literally uncovered it fully intact and it is still used today. We sat in the audience and the kids went to the middle and sang a few songs for us.

IMG_20170605_161326561_HDR IMG_20170605_163030278-1







However, the real significance of Epidavros is the Sanctuary of Asklepios, an early hospital. It kind of looks a little like a pile of rocks in some places, but even walking through the grounds, it was possible to feel how peaceful and therapeutic it felt in that area. I don’t know what it was, but I could feel why that location was chosen. It seems that Greek civilizations actually understood the value of treating the whole person, as the theater was built to entertain the patients at the hospital. The sanctuary also had a gym where patients could exercise.

IMG_20170605_110358688 IMG_20170605_165540535 IMG_20170605_171221569_HDR

















At the end of the day, we finally arrived in Nafplio. We checked in and had a nice dinner and explored the town.












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