Greece 2017: Day 9


IMG_20170609_100842597.jpgOn our first day in Rhodes, we decided to take the little tourist train around the city. Felix loves trains and we thought it would be a good way to get our bearings. We grabbed a quick breakfast and then headed to the oceanfront where the train began. Even though it was only 10 am, it was already pretty hot!










After getting off the train, we decided to go to the Palace of the Grandmaster. What is cool about Rhodes is that it still has a medieval castle in Rhodes Town and the wall that surrounded the old city is still there. It is just like you would picture a medieval castle to look like.

IMG_20170609_114939598.jpg IMG_20170609_121650910.jpg IMG_20170609_120711193 IMG_20170609_120139637_HDR.jpg IMG_20170609_120220345.jpg IMG_20170609_113452472.jpg IMG_20170609_115257681.jpg IMG_20170609_114224355.jpg IMG_20170609_111728362_HDR.jpg









































Once we finished at the castle, we got some lunch and then decided to go to the beach for the afternoon. The beach we ended up at was another pebbly beach, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the afternoon. Eric took the kids in the water and I spent most of the time keeping an eye on our things and relaxing in the lounge chair. It was crowded but kind of fun to experience a hot spot in the town.

IMG_20170609_133056719 IMG_20170609_152920910.jpg IMG_20170609_140103562_HDR.jpg IMG_20170609_152007191 IMG_20170609_103810221_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg





















That night we ate at a nice restaurant really close to our apartment. We noticed octopus on the menu a lot, so Eric decided to try it. It wasn’t bad…kind of tasted like chicken! I ended up with shrimp saganaki, which is shrimp, cheese, and tomato sauce.


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