Greece: Day 13 (Rhodes to Athens)

The day we left Rhodes was a sad one, but we had some big plans for Athens so we packed up our things and flew back. Felix was upset that we never saw Ginger again, and the kids still talk about that cat.

In Athens, we stayed at a Best Western near Exarcheia, which was a completely different area than we stayed before. Exarcheia is the area where all the rioting happens, as it’s where the university is located, as well as all the anarchists. Our hotel was still pretty safe; it was just on the very edge of it. In fact, there was a cop in full riot gear down the street every single day. Sometimes we saw more than one, and at least once, we saw the police van that was made completely of metal. This area was closer to the modern city of Athens.

We were much closer to Athens Central Market, where we saw lots and lots of food. They had everything from raw meat and fish to cheeses, to all kinds of spices.

IMG_20170613_150437293 IMG_20170613_150941623_HDR







That evening, we had booked one last tour with our private driver. This might have been my favorite thing we did on our trip. John drove us to Cape Sounio to the location of the Temple of Poseidon. Poseidon is the god of the sea, so his temple is built overlooking the coastline. We visited at sunset and it was quite possibly the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. It actually rivals a Jamaican sunset, and those are hard to beat! Every minute, the sun would go down a little lower, and it would completely change the scenery. It also changed depending on where you were standing.

IMG_20170613_203131375_HDRIMG_20170613_192202051.jpg IMG_20170613_195411665_HDRIMG_20170613_204106226












IMG_20170613_205016003_HDR IMG_20170613_201812539_HDR IMG_20170613_203030731_HDR IMG_20170613_200010566_HDR IMG_20170613_202837733_HDR IMG_20170613_204230658 IMG_20170613_204748594_HDR IMG_20170613_203105435.jpg IMG_20170613_204921724_HDR IMG_20170613_195658760_HDR
























On a funny side note, Anya was in a really bad mood that night. She was being super grouchy, which meant that Felix was being borderline angelic. (That seemed to be the pattern – if she was not cooperating, he would be the “perfect” child.) So while she was being grouchy and complaining, Felix was very loudly proclaiming things like “Wow, this is so beautiful” and “Mommy, isn’t this so beautiful?” Everyone around us who understood English was laughing.


IMG_20170613_202357270.jpg IMG_20170613_202505392 IMG_20170613_202320684_HDR.jpg









If you ever find yourself in Athens, this is a must-do and I would highly recommend you visit at sunset.




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