My First Paranormal Investigation

A little over a week ago, I got to do something I have always wanted to do. I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a kid, and I have always wanted to be part of an investigation. A few weeks ago, I came across a Facebook post about paranormal investigations happening in New Harmony and open to the public. We booked one and did it!

It was a 6-hour event that began with a presentation about the paranormal and basic information. I have read all about this kind of thing for years so it was a nice refresher for me. Next, we were put into two groups. Each group consisted of a paranormal investigator to lead the experience, a staff person from New Harmony, and someone there to assist if anyone needed anything.

We got to go to the Community House #2 first. It was a little eerie at times but I had an overall positive feeling while in the house. We did some EVP recordings in a downstairs room but didn’t have anything happening at that point. There were also TV cameras there at that time, which was actually kind of disruptive.

When we got upstairs, though, the story changed. Eric and I were set up in a hallway with a laser light to look for shadows and the rest of the group was setting up in a room to take some EVP recordings. We didn’t stay in the hallway too long, though, because we were called into the room when things started happening.

We had an ordinary pinwheel inserted into a hole in a plastic cup to keep it stationary. For several minutes, the pinwheel was spinning in response to our questions. The weird thing was that the pinwheel was spinning at the same speed throughout and there was no air source that could have caused it. It also stopped abruptly instead just losing momentum and slowing down. This went on for quite a long time.

Next, we went up to the print shop. We got to experience the vortex, which was a really interesting experience. It made me feel very unbalanced and like I was constantly trying to find my balance. We did some EVP recordings in the actual print shop and the investigator saw an orb, though I was sitting in front of it, so I did not.

After a short break, we all went over to the Fauntleroy House, which is supposed to inhabit a lot of ghosts. I was secretly excited that we got to do the Fauntleroy second because it was darker then. The alarm was supposed to have been disarmed but had somehow re-armed itself since the last group left. The staff person actually had to turn it off and then call the company to let them know it was a false alarm.It was super creepy and I had a totally different feeling there than in the first place. It was much more hostile and Joni (the facilitator) confirmed that the ghosts seem to be more aggressive at this house. She noted that some people have been pushed down the stairs and have been touched here. She also said there were a lot of ghosts she has felt the presence of in this particular house. We did several recordings just sitting on the main floor. We heard lots of different sounds that were never explained. The creepiest thing was when Joni said she felt someone on the stairway. The staff person was listening to the EVP recording in real time. I was sitting next to her. She then asked Joni if there was someone in the corner because she could feel and hear them behind her. Joni confirmed that she felt a female in that area. We kept looking in the corner and couldn’t see anything, but we all definitely felt it. Eventually, the staff person got up and moved because she said she could hear whoever it was talking behind her and it was creeping her out.

After awhile, we moved upstairs and did more recordings there. We didn’t get much there at the time, mostly because we didn’t spend a lot of time in that room. While we were there, though, the alarm rearmed itself and the staff person had to go back downstairs and do something to it. Toward the end, Joni said she felt the male presence enter the room, and she had felt him there before. She asked her assistant to take a picture. The camera kept malfunctioning and it took several tries to get one, but he finally was able to get one. We didn’t stay there much longer and I got the feeling Joni was uncomfortable there.

We spent the last few minutes outside wandering the common cemetery outside. Oddly enough, it felt so much lighter there. Joni later explained that it was considered a place of joy and celebration and she agreed that it felt much better than in the house.

After debriefing with the other group for approximately a half hour, we were on our way. Even though it’s been over a week, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

Yes, there were some things that could be explained in another way, but there were others that I cannot find an explanation for. If you want to read more about the investigation and hear some of the EVPs taken from it, check out the blog post Joni wrote about it. I really hope we get a chance to do this again sometime soon!


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