rp_Intentions-for-2015-300x300.jpgThere are a lot of things crossed off my list, so I’m leaving those off this time around. The only things on this list are things still needing to be crossed off.

Travel Plans: We’ve met all the goals in this area!

Family Fun: There are still several things on our list and all of these, if any, will probably happen. That being said, we have done a ton of things with the kids this month, including bowling and a weekend in Cincinnati visiting family.

  • CMOE
  • Inflatable Fun Factory
  • Picnic
  • Gatti Town
  • Fire It Up

Service Projects – We still have some things on this list.

  • Buy gifts for kids from the Giving Tree at church – We are in the process of doing this right now.
  • Soup kitchen
  • Donate canned goods to The Food Pantry – We are turning tons of canned goods into the library. It’s kind of a win/win situation because the library has a program where you can decrease your library fines by $1 per canned good (up to $10 per library card), so we are donating AND decreasing what we owe to the library.
  • Go for a walk and pick up trash

House Projects

  • Bonus room transformation (at least to start it) – We got a good start on this but need to sell a few items and take some to good will. Once Eric sells his huge desk, we will be able to move forward with this. Unfortunately, it has become the dumping ground for Christmas gifts so the transformation probably won’t happen until after the new year.
  • Clean windows – I cleaned all the windows in the house except for two of them, and only because I need help with them.
  • Organize office
  • Organize email accounts – I have gotten my Yahoo account under control (somewhat, anyway) but still need to work on my Gmail account.
  • Organize computer files
  • Organize social media
  • Go through my clothes

Just the Two of Us – We hope to make time to do something together at least once a month; these are some of the things we hope to do:

  • Attend a play
  • Complete a couple’s daily devotional/meditation book we have had for awhile (or at least see how far we get!)
  • Eat at Vecchio’s or pick up a carry-out meal on a Friday night

Musical Intentions:

  • Listen to classical music regularly

Physical Intentions:

  • Stay within 2 pounds of my goal weight – It may be slightly more than 2 pounds at this point because of the pregnancy. I’m trying to focus more on my emotional and mental health right now and not beating myself up about my weight.

Writing Intentions:

Reading Intentions:

  • Complete 2 daily devotional books
  • Participate in the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge – I have read 26 books and have covered 16 letters…not too bad!
  • Finish reading the (Catholic) Bible – I am ALMOST finished. This is something I really want to finish by the end of the year.

Fun Intentions:

  • Visit a friend in St. Louis
  • Visit “the Woods” (where I did my graduate work)
  • Take at least 4 online classes – I have taken 3 courses. I probably will not do any more because I am doing the travel school course, so I think that should count because it is a lot of work!
  • Take at least 6 bubble baths – I am on 5 of 6. It’s really sad that I will only have 5 or 6 bubble baths in an entire year, isn’t it?

Financial Intentions:

  • Try to keep groceries and toiletries under a certain amount each month –We have lowered the budget for this and are still going over that by a little but I know we are thinking more of what we are spending our money on, so I’m kind of ok with it.
  • Try to save a certain amount in our Travel Savings account and our regular Savings account over the course of the year – We have been saving as much as we can but I know with Christmas coming up, we won’t save as much until after the new year.
  • Attempt to sell a few of the bigger items we need to get rid of – We are getting ready to sell a few more items once we get around to it.

I can’t believe we only have one more month of the year left! How are you doing on your goals?

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  1. You have done a great job on keeping on track and getting those goals done! Keep it up!

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