We Are Going to Greece!

I have written before about how we were considering visiting Greece this summer, and we ended up booking this trip about a month ago. Needless to say, we are working on our itinerary. So far, this is what we’ve come up with:

Wednesday – Flying all day

Thursday – Arrive in Athens mid-morning

Friday – Athens

Saturday – Athens (possibly a day trip to a nearby island called Aegina)

Sunday – Athens (this day is Anya’s birthday, so we are trying to plan something really fun for her!)

Monday – Athens, take the bus to Nafplio

Tuesday – Nafplio (day trip to Mycaenae)

Wednesday – Nafplio (day trip to Epidavros)

Thursday – Nafplio, taking a private taxi back to Athens airport, flight to Rhodes (the island)

Friday – Rhodes

Saturday – Rhodes

Sunday – Rhodes

Monday – Rhodes

Tuesday – Rhodes, flight back to Athens

Wednesday – Athens (possible day trip to Delphi)

Thursday – Athens

Friday – Fly home


Some of the things we definitely want to do while in Athens include visiting the Acropolis (of course!), visiting Sounio where the Temple of Poseidon is located at around sunset (you should definitely google “Temple of Poseidon at sunset”), attending a Greek Orthodox service, and lots of other things. While on the island of Rhodes, we plan to spend at least one day at the beach and maybe one day visiting Lindos, a popular cruising port. One issue I’m having is the fact that we might be able to see Turkey from where we will be on Rhodes, so of course, I’m looking into whether or not we could actually spend part of a day at a small port town. It may not work out, but I feel like we need to at least look into it before making a decision.

We were able to get the great deal I wrote about previously. We have also booked the rest of our hotels and the flights to Rhodes and back. We were able to get 12 nights of lodging (the other 3 were included in the flight package) for $932, which is pretty amazing, and our flights to and from Rhodes were around $360 for all of us. Not bad at all! With the flight package, all the hotels, and the flights to the island and back, we are still sitting at around $1,000 less than what it would have cost us to purchase just flights on our own, so I’m pretty happy with how it is shaping up.

The next order of business is figuring out how we will get ourselves to Nafplio and back, as well as booking a private taxi tour to Delphi. Then, I can start planning our itinerary for each day.

What do you think we should do in Greece?

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